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In these few years I was lucky enough to meet amazing people and tell their stories through my photography. I am not only proud but really excited every time I get to share a couple’s story because it is truly UNIQUE and I feel honored to have been chosen among thousands to grab a coffee or a breakfast cappuccino and go on a wonderful photoshoot together. Thank you.

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Hi! My name is Rita and I am a citizen or child of the world. Also, I am the photographer of “AmorVincitOmnia“.
I believe love can conquer everything and I absolutely love to capture people’s Love with my camera in the most natural and organic way, wit no weird stuff and rigid posing. (urgh)
I love to travel and I will come with you anywhere from Rome to the Dolomites, to Paris or Budapest, to get emotional and get a wet eye while you will be saying “I do”.

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"Lend me your hand
and we'll conquer them all"

Mumford and Sons – Awake My Soul