Venice Unveiled: A Romantic Odyssey through Canals and Cobblestones

March 6, 2024

If Venice is calling you for your dream destination wedding, honeymoon or simply a vacation, get ready for an enchanting experience that transcends the ordinary. The City of Canals is truly my favorite city in Italy and I have been lucky enough to photograph there beautiful couples so many times. If you would like me to meet you there and create even more memories, please reach out now! And without further adue, let’s dive deep into the heart of Venice, uncovering not just the touristy spots, but the hidden gems that will make your wedding journey truly magical.

Venice tips and recommendations for your journey from Rita at AmorVincitOmniaLet’s kick things off: the easiest way to get around Venice is by foot, no doubt. If you’re up for longer walks or covering more ground, unless you’re island-hopping to Burano or Murano, you can grab on the vaporetto, but keep in mind it’s a tad pricey and runs on a schedule, so plan accordingly. Now, if you’re heading to or from the train station, consider cruising in with a water taxi for a swanky entrance (can be pricey, but might be worth it especially if you have heavy luggage!)! You can pretty much navigate the entire city on foot, although brace yourself for the approximately 417 bridges you might find – it might be a bit of a workout, but trust me, totally worth it! Venice is that kind of place where getting lost is part of the charm, and Google is your trusty sidekick for that LOL. Don’t fret; you’re bound to stumble upon some seriously gorgeous spots along the way! If you’re going to Rialto or San Marco, you can also follow the yellow signs!

1 – Gondola rides!

For a budget-friendly taste of the iconic Venetian gondola experience without breaking the bank (because let’s be real, 100 euros for 1 hour add up quickly!), here’s a savvy tip: check out these short rides for just 2 euros per person, navigating from one side of Canal Grande to the other: it’s called traghetto and it’s a short ride from one side of the Gran Canal to the other one, by gondola! Since there are only 3 bridges crossing the main canal, it is super easy to get from one side to the other if you’re not close by one of the bridges. Get the lowdown at FamilyCation; they’ve got the deets in Italian, but don’t worry – the essential info is in bold, and there’s a map to guide you through the experience.

Now, if you’re in the mood for the full gondola shebang, here’s the scoop: there are a lot of spots where you can hop on a gondola, and I believe they all have different routes, so make sure you get on one that will go in lovely spots. My tip: hit up Ponte dei Zogatoli for a ride that’ll have you cruising through cool spots. Check out the map here, and trust me, Ponte dei Zogatoli is not just a cool spot to get on and off – it’s a vibe. The little canals you’ll encounter during the ride? Absolute must-see magic!

And here’s a bonus tip for the gondola enthusiasts: consider a sunset or early morning ride for a more intimate and serene experience. The golden hues reflecting on the water will add an extra touch of romance to your Venetian adventure.

2 – Dining Hotspots

Venice tips and recommendations for your journey from Rita at AmorVincitOmniaLet me share a couple of top-notch recommendations for your culinary adventure in Venice. First up, we’ve got Trattoria Alla Rivetta. It’s a must-visit, but be sure to secure your table in advance. The food is fantastic, the staff is super friendly, and the pricing is just right for Venice. While it may not boast fancy decor, rather a traditional house oldschool restaurant, the cuisine is nothing short of genuine, offering an authentic taste of the city.

If you’re in the mood for the famed BACARO style, where small finger foods known as cicchetti take center stage, check out the delightful spots perfect for aperitivo. For an excellent choice, head over to the Ghetto area and explore Oficina Ormesini. Their cicchetti selection is simply divine! Any nearby location is worth a visit, especially in the Fondamenta degli Ormesini/Cannaregio area, renowned for its authenticity. Another wonderful place for drinks and cicchetti is Bacarando Corte dell’Orso near the Rialto bridge. And, oh, don’t miss out on a delectable lunch at Al Mariner. Of course, try the seafood, it’s so good! (Pizza is not recommended as it’s not local from Venice and will probably not be the best choice, just like ragù or carbonara — those dishes come from another city!)

For lunch: venture into the realm of Venetian delights with the ever-popular tramezzini, those delightful bread sandwiches. Tramezzini are triangular sandwiches made with super soft crustless bread and stuffed with many different fillings. For example, sliced boiled egg and artichokes, sopressa salami and red radicchio, tuna fish, ham and mushrooms, and so on. Indulge in my personal favorites at Bar alla Toletta. It’s a spot you won’t want to miss!

Ever caught wind of the fact that the iconic Spritz cocktail not only stands as a symbol of Venetian culture but is also surprisingly gentle on the wallet? Venice happens to be perhaps the most budget-friendly spot in Italy to savor a delightful Spritz. Take your pick from various options: the timeless effervescence of white wine, the globally celebrated Aperol, or the classic Venetian Select, boasting a touch more bitterness than Aperol but retaining its delicious charm. The choices are as diverse as the canals that wind through this enchanting city.

3- Don’t Miss Out on These Unforgettable Venetian Experiences

  • St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) and the Piazza: A masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, St. Mark’s Basilica is a symbol of Venice’s rich history. Admire the intricate mosaics and marvel at the opulent design. Close by, the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale). This grand palace is a testament to Venetian Gothic architecture. Explore the Doge’s residence, walk through the Bridge of Sighs, and soak in the history within its walls.
  • Riva degli Schiavoni: Wake up early and witness the breathtaking sunrise from Riva degli Schiavoni. The sheer beauty is unparalleled, and with Piazza San Marco just a stone’s throw away, it’s an absolute must-see.
  • Grand Canal: Navigate the iconic Grand Canal on a vaporetto or a romantic gondola ride. The canal is flanked by stunning buildings and bridges, providing a picturesque view of Venice. You’ll be able to witness if from the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto): An architectural gem, the Rialto Bridge is the oldest and most famous bridge spanning the Grand Canal. Visit the nearby market for a vibrant sensory experience. Have you seen the movie “The Tourist”?! Yup! it takes place there!
  • Fondaco dei Tedeschi Terrace: For panoramic views of Venice, close to the Rialto bridge, secure your spot at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi terrace. Although it’s free, booking is essential due to limited time and space (slots are 15 minutes each and despite seeming not a lot, it’s perfect to see all around and take a few photos). I recommend booking your visit before sunset for a truly magical experience as you’ll see the city from above and all the boats on the Gran Canal! You can reserve your time here.

  • Burano: A short boat ride from Venice, Burano is known for its vibrant, colorful houses. Wander through the charming streets and discover the island’s rich cultural heritage. My recommendations would be to go early morning when it’s not packed with people yet and you can experience it like locals to.
  • Murano: Famous for its glassmaking tradition, Murano is a captivating island. Explore glass factories, witness glassblowing demonstrations, and in case bring home a unique piece of Murano glass. Their vases and chandeliers are the items they’re most famous for.
  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo: Marvel at the architectural wonder that is Scala Contarini del Bovolo. Its spiral staircase offers a unique perspective of the city, providing an unforgettable visual treat.
  • Teatro La Fenice (from the outside): While you’re in the area, don’t miss the exterior view of Teatro La Fenice. This historic opera house exudes grandeur and elegance from every angle.

For additional tips and attractions, check out TripAdvisor. Explore Venice beyond the obvious, and make your visit truly extraordinary.

If you’re into photography, and Instagram, make sure to check out these spots: and

4- A few hidden gems

Venice tips and recommendations for your journey from Rita at AmorVincitOmnia

Venice is packed with wonderful spots, hidden gems, and I’d love to share a few with you:

  • Libreria Acqua Alta: A book lover’s paradise, this quirky bookstore is filled with books stacked in gondolas and bathtubs. Don’t miss the staircase made of books, offering a unique view of the canals.
  • Discover the tiniest calle in Venice: Calle Varisco, a mere 53 cm wide! It’s so snug that even most adults, typically measuring 60+ cm at the shoulders, might find themselves in a bit of a squeeze.
  • Campo Santa Maria Formosa: This charming square is often bypassed by tourists. Take a leisurely stroll, enjoy the local cafes, and admire the architecture surrounding the campo.
  • For an authentic taste of local cuisine and beverages, head to the vibrant Cannaregio neighborhood! It’s an incredible experience to witness locals leisurely cruising by, pausing for a spritz before sunset, and enjoying laid-back conversations from one boat to another. It’s truly the epitome of the best local experience.
  • For an enchanting extension of your Venetian journey, consider exploring the Zattere area, a picturesque waterfront promenade that offers a more tranquil side to the bustling city. Strolling along the Zattere, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Giudecca Canal and iconic Venetian architecture. This local gem provides a serene escape, perfect for a leisurely afternoon walk or a moment of quiet contemplation. The charming cafes along the promenade offer a delightful spot to savor a cup of coffee or enjoy a delicious gelato while gazing at the passing boats. The Zattere area unveils yet another layer of Venice’s unique charm, providing a refreshing contrast to the lively scenes of other neighborhoods.

Venice isn’t merely a setting; it’s a canvas painting your love story with every cobblestone, canal, and hidden corner. Brace yourself for a journey that transcends the ordinary, where the magic of the city mirrors the enchantment of your love. May your story unfold as gracefully as the timeless canals of Venice, creating a tapestry of everlasting romance. Here’s to a love story that echoes through the ages! 🥂💕

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