the most frequently asked questions
about AmorVincitOmnia, answered

I hope to have transmitted you already all my passion, interest and love in getting to know and photograph you as a couple. But clearly there are some more technical questions that you still might have. This page is here to clarify those doubts.

would you travel?


In fact, the more I travel the happier I am. I was born in a family so lucky to be able to travel as often as possible and I took my first plane when I was one. My happy day is when I know I will be discovering new places, new cultures. Therefore guys, take me anywhere with you! My passport is already ready.
My bucket list can be read here.



For the couple sessions I kindly ask for 4/6 weeks to deliver the photos. For elopement and weddings, on the other hand, there shall be a longer delivery time, around 3 months (8/12 weeks). This to allow me to deliver you the perfectly edited and corrected photos. I do not want to rush into sending over pictures I am not truly sure or proud of. I want you to have photos I personally would love to receive, too.

For the weddings and elopements, which have a personalized USB stick included, please be a bit more patient, since there are handmade things and as you might imagine, handmade things need more time to be ready. I can although assure you already, that every minute is worth the wait! Also, I will be keeping you posted constantly.

how i approach couples/elopement/wedding photography

what i believe in

AmorVincitOmnia is a concept, it is my belief – the belief that love is the highest and strongest feeling of all and that it can bend time and space and conquer all. The aim of my photography is to represent this feeling in its purest form, unposed, unstaticly. I want movement, slow carresses and faster spints, to show your bond.
There is a generic lack of kindness and gentleness in this world, but on the other side there are millions of amazing and wonderful people who through their love make this modern and constantly rushing world a better place.
I am lucky to already know some of them. Will you be the next ones? 🙂 


about the delivery

Some questions I get asked often:

Couple sessions include a minimum of 80 photographs. I believe that a 2 hours session is the perfect time in which you get to be active, have fun, all cuddly and at ease in front of the camera, before getting tired or bored. Therefore, a selection of approximately 60 photos is the best number.

Weddings and elopements include 260 photographs, minimum. There are clearly much more details and moments to be captured than a couple session.

Numbers apart, I will always include all those photos I believe are necessary to tell your whole story in all its facets, thus preferring to put a few more than a few less.

No, I will never deliver unedited photos or native files. As harsh as it may seem, it is important to understand that what you love in my photos are not only the moments captured, the locations, the expressions, it is also the colors, the whole feel: in fact, editing is half the magic that defines each image.

Without a proper editing and the perfect colors that match every couple, the photos are  only halfway done. Would you go to a restaurant and eat a meal that is not even cooked or the vegetables prepared? 🙂 

Of course that would be possible. But to be honest, would you really want me to? You are beautiful as you are. Some small retouches can always be made if we are talking something that does not truly define you (a small blemish, for example). Obviously I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera, and I will do my best to make you feel relaxed. In any case, if there is something that you are very self conscious about, please do not be shy: tell me and I will make sure to be extra aware of it. 


about covid-19 situation

Due to the current COVId-19 pandemic still *argh* going on worldwide, I promise to take all necessary care and measures to assure your and my safety. Health first.
I will wear masks always, during the whole time of our photoshoot together and I will stay socially distanced as much as possible. I also often take covid-tests (which were mandatory by the team I photograph for) so yeah. Everything’s good. Let’s roll small intimate and micro weddings to still keep celebrating Love.

clear out the doubts

Something you will find out about me, is I love to be organized, like really. I do not go on vacation without booking all accommodation and travel. I also love surprises but only if they are good, obviously (lol). This considered, life can hold surprises and sometimes emergencies (let’s just think of the good ones, shall we). So there are obviously a few things that can change the schedule. What if…

Who said it has to be crazy sunny on the shooting day? I am a huge lover of the sunny days, but when it comes to photography, a moody, overcast day is even better! This because the light is much more even, softer and it does not cast harsh shadows that are not flattering on anyone (panda eyes, right). If it should rain, let’s understand not a crazy storm (although we could embrace that too!) we will stroll around with a cute little transparent umbrella and lots of laughs and smiles on our faces!

We will surely find a solution together! Just keep in mind that as per the agreement you will receive at the time of confirmation, I require a deposit to confirm the booking. Thank you for understanding that this deposit cannot be returned under any circumstances. Depending on the reason and possibilities, we will try to reschedule as soon as possible so as to go on a super photo session!

Starting to say that I cross fingers this never happens, since I am more than 101% committed to every single couple of mine, it can happen that for important reasons (high fever, etc…) I may not make it to meet you.
In this case, I will notify you in advance (as soon as possible) and find a replacement. Someone who has a similar style and approach, don’t worry. Or in case we can reschedule, I will make it worth the wait and the delay.
I promise.

we shall start from here

let's book your date

Got an idea for a surprise proposal? Planning a trip to Rome, maybe Florence or Venice? Going on your honeymoon? Want to hang out with us somewhere in Italy or anywhere else in the world? Well, I want to hear from you, send me a message. Travel is one of my main passions!

wanna know more?

who am i

Hi! My name is Rita and it is so awesome to meet you, even if only virtually … for now! I am the photographer behind the name “AmorVincitOmnia.” You might wonder what the name means. Well, it comes from a Latin phrase and it represents one of the most profound and probably the easiest concepts of all: Love conquers All. Pretty cool, huh?

I was born in Budapest and I have been living in Rome for the past 20 years LOL that is a lot. So I can basically take you anywhere in Rome, to have a delicious coffee, the number 1 pizza or a yummy aperitivo…

Rita Foldi, AmorVincitOmnia, wedding photographer in Rome, Italy


all are welcome

Destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Rome, Italy – traveling everywhere in Italy and abroad.

🌈 Inclusive of all colors and body sizes, LGBTQ+ Friendly and BIPOC inclusive photography