my belief

AmorVincitOmnia is a belief – my personal belief that love is the highest and strongest feeling of all and that it can bend time and space and conquer all. 

And this is what I want to spread out: in fact, there are millions of amazing and wonderful people who – through their love – make this modern and constantly rushing world a wonderful place. I am lucky to already know some of them. I truly hope you will be the next amazing story to be told, together.

AmorVincitOmnia is fully inclusive of all skin colors, body shapes and sexual orientations as well as beliefs.

amor vincit omnia

choose me to photograph you and your loved one, and i'll ask you just one thing:


Do not stress about the photos’ outcome, do not try to be perfect in the perfect outfit and with the perfect hair and makeup. Do not stress about wanting to replicate exactly photos you saw on Instagram or pinned on Pinterest. As they say: YOU ARE YOU and THAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER.

what to expect

During our day/photoshoot, you’ll just have to enjoy yourselves, to enjoy each other, to embrace the time you and I are spending together.

From the moment you choose me to photograph your life, your day, we will be a team functioning together. Be prepared to laugh, from a joke or from embarrassment of being shy (I’ll help you not to be! In fact I’ll laugh with you), get ready to kiss and to smile, to be snugly and intimate.
I promise I will only guide and give prompts, I’m all for the natural, candid reportage style! Storytelling the natural way is the only real way to show who you are and get stunning photos for you to cherish forever. 

I’ll let you free of moving around, being free and spontaneous and being silly and as crazy as you want (AF if you’d love to!) and on top of everything I just want you to be CRAZY IN LOVE. Yeah, like Beyoncé’s song 😃

I am based in Rome, but I love to travel, some of my favorite Italian cities/places are Florence, Amalfi Coast, Venice and all the tuscan landscapes. I would literally go anywhere.

let's get married! let's elope now

weddings & elopements
in italy and abroad

whether you:
prefer being just the two of you in a wonderful location designed in all details just for your intimate ceremonyprefer a bigger ceremony, with all your family and friends who gather together to cheer and have fun with you… I would love to capture your day to be remembered! You can choose between three different packages but we can obviously personalize it to your needs and requests!

"Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without.
If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with?
Fall head over heels."

my favorite quote from the movie “Meet Joe Black”

if you're not getting married yet

If you are not getting married yet or planning your elopement, BUT would love to capture your love (’cause YEAH!), in a couple’s session or if you are ALREADY married and are wanting to celebrate the honeymoon… HIT ME UP!

amor vincit omnia

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I am so happy and proud to announce those website my photos
have been featured on these inspiring websites and magazines part of the wedding industry :

destination wedding photographer

i would be happy to meet you anywhere, or welcome you in italy

Do you wanna go hiking or have a swim in the sea? I am all in for the outside-of-the-box things. If you love nature and are not afraid of getting your shoes dirty or even catch some rain, I’ll come with you anywhere. Now that you know about me and what to expect from me, tell me about you and let’s get this wedding/photoshoot started!


all are welcome

Destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Rome, Italy – traveling everywhere in Italy and abroad.

🌈 Inclusive of all colors and body sizes, LGBTQ+ Friendly and BIPOC inclusive photography