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Your wedding/elopement day is the most important day of your lives. This is why a photographer that can catch your true essence and bring them back to life on photographs, is fundamental…

I already know you will be absolutely beautiful in your wedding dress, and we can imagine how gorgeous the flowers will be and how delicious the cake will be. But what will keep these moments alive, apart from the warm feeling you will hold in your hearts forever, are the photographs of that day. This is why you will want to capture your big day, the best way possible. With a photographer you can trust.

authentical, emotionful, raw storytelling

why it is important. Because it is

your love.
your Legacy. your Memory.

AmorVincitOmnia is my belief that Love conquers all. That love shines above anything. This is why it needs to be captured.

I believe photography is that magic, that super power that will allow me to capture you, your love and your story and freeze it in time. I am passionate about storytelling, about gifting you tangible memories to show and hold on to in the years to come.

Reach out to me to be YOUR wedding photographer to tell your story so  years later when you will be showing the photos to your kids, you can relive the exact same feelings and have those butterflies in your stomach that you had on the day when you exchanged vows. 

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who am i

hi, My name is Rita.

I am a couples, elopement and wedding photographer based near Rome, Italy. For years I have taken travel photographs with no human interaction on it, then I realized something was missing. People. Love. Relationships. Something alive that could make those images better, alive! From that day on, I have always been incredibly passionate about telling stories. This is why I am excited to be telling YOUR story, too!

I love capturing emotions, whether those are crazy laughs or happy tears. I will get emotional with you while you’ll be saying your vows, I will smile during your first kiss as a married couple.

Let’s create something memorable together. If you are an adventurous, a bit crazy and insanely in love couple who love to discover places, cultures and have fun, we are a match!

from the lovebook

There have been so many amazing couples who already trusted me as their wedding photographer and took me along with them on their honeymoon for a photoshoot or even on a couple’s session to remember a vacation.
Lovely memories not only for them,
but believe me, for me too! Photos of you on your best day are Your Legacy, you want to make them last.

"even when there is no star in sight
You'll always be my only guiding light"

Mumford and Sons – Guiding Light


Because the only thing that will last from your big day are the memories, and the photographs. This is why choosing the right photographer is fundamental.

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