the idea

Moon Childs Retreat

the perfect one-day retreat for wedding photographers who want to add great photos to their portfolio! NEXT ONE COMING IN APRIL 2022!

who is behind this project

meet your host & backstory

Ideator of this project, I am a wedding and elopement photographer near Rome. I love the countryside, nature and creating amazing memories with fun and adventurous people.

where the name comes from

i choose to call this retreat "moon childs" because i feel a connection to the moon and are intrigued by all astronomy related things. (you can say i'm kind of a geek)
A Moon Child is a unique and a curious soul who is often in a daze, his or her mind is always out of this world. this is what i want to convey.

so nice to have you here

i wanted to create an opportunity
for fellow wedding photographers

we all know the world has been hecktic, to say the least lately and most of our plans and project for 2020 – including for the most the weddings – have been postponed to 2021. This means that for us photographers and vendors of the wedding industry, this is a tough year. Although 2021 is getting much better; I decided that we should not let 2020/21 and all the pandemic bring us down, and on the contrary, from an idea of community, I decided to give the opportunity to other photographers, friends, to continue building their portfolio.

So if you are based in Rome, closeby, or Italy and want to travel closer to the Eternal City, let’s go!
Read more below and send us your request to book your spot for the first moonchilds retreat!

THANK YOU to those who participated in the first one

what this is

This retreat is a half day styled shoot that we planned with talented creatives to bring you the experience of a real elopement.

who is this for

All wedding and elopement photographers. Knowledge of DSLR or mirrorless cameras is required.

will you teach us?

I do not aim to teach, but to provide you with an awesome styled shoot to create amazing content for your portfolio.
Obviously though, I will help you if you should need to. I also look forward to building friendships and relationships between you and me, and between all of you. Think of this as a group of photographer friends hanging out for fun, and cool content of course.

when and where

The following moonchilds retreat will take place in APRIL 2022. The location is in Rome. More info coming soon.

how many spots are available?

The maximum availability is 8 spots, we want everyone to be able to shoot all the photos they want and not be too crowded around the couples.


The cost for participating is 280€, to be paid before the retreat via PayPal or wire transfer. If the places would not be filled in, you can pay by cash on the day of the retreat. There will be a discounted early bird price!

second retreat april 2022

the second theme

a gorgeous real life couple will be our model couple to "elope" and say their vows. after an intense thinking, here is the theme: The Triumph of flora! we hope you will love the colorscheme and design as much as we do!

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first retreat October 21, 2021

the first theme

we had 2 gorgeous brides (we had a few hiccups on the day itself) and they were just stunning being a model couple. they shared vows and laughs, incredible. the theme was Celestial love! Soon a blog post to come with the photos of the participants <3

more info

frequently asked questions

“There are always answers. We just have to be smart enough.”

i require you guys to be vaccinated or have a green pass (either vaccination, negative test or recovery). The retreat will be held taking actions and keeping all the safety measures possible and that are required by law and recommended by all health institutions. Indoors we will wear masks if  social distance can not be guaranteed, and make everything in our power to all stay safe.

the price includes the couple, the flowers, the settings and everything necessary to the photoshoot.
it does not include any transportation to the photoshoot location, overnight stay or food. you shall provide for these yourself. we can give you recommendations and connect you with fellow photographers to organize the transfer the best way possible.

Unfortunately the booked spots can not be refunded. You can sell it to a fellow photographer so it does not get lost. We look forward to meeting you though 🙂

for this second retreat we planned indoor since we are not sure March is a good weather month, so in order not to have to cancel, we made it indoor.

Yes of course! I would love to have at least 1 per season, especially in those periods of the year when our season is a bit calmer and we photographers have more time to focus on personal projects. Also, the idea is to move around and choose always different styles and locations. What do you think?

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