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I am so happy and lucky to have met amazing people in all these years. And they have been so cool to have left me lovely words.
Please read what my clients-friends say about me, about my work and especially about the time WE shared together.

"We have watched and watched again the photos in these two days we received them and we just can't stop 😂 Every time we look at them we are ecstatic and in love with all the magic and professionalism you put into capturing all the most significant moments of our day. In the photos there is really everything: our home, our friends, our smiles, our personalities, the emotions of that day but also somthing of a somewhat difficult year and the gratitude we feel of having been able to have the party despite everything. There is seriousness and laughter, intimacy and worldliness. When we look at them, we relive everything about that day and this was just what we were looking for: a photographer who would help us having a beautiful, indelible and real memory of what we lived, to be able to keep it forever. "Thank you" is too little to express the gratitude and beauty we feel. We couldn't have asked for better. Thank you from deep within our hearts!"
destination wedding





"I've always had a hard time putting myself in front of the camera, a mix of feelings of embarrassment and fear of bringing out the worst in me. With Roberto we agreed to meet you and to take some photos together around Rome, to take courage. It was a great idea, the anxieties gave way to fluid and natural movements. If I rewatch the photos you took of us, I don't find “poses” but natural gestures. On the day of the ceremony I can say that your presence was reassuring. I knew you would do a great job despite several adversities. (COVID) So it was! You were discreet but effective, you knew how to move and what to look for. Of course, the experience helped and even if the time dedicated to the couple session was reduced, which allowed us to not leave the guests alone, nor us spouses still upset about the events 👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️ (We had to change a lot of plans last minute). Now only the party is missing, you know you can't miss it! Thanks again for everything : watching our photos always excites me so much ❤️ "
Annalisa + Roberto
intimate wedding
"I was lucky enough to work with Rita for the photoshoot at Cà Nigra in Venice, and I can say that in addition to her professionalism and competence in her work, I found a person with great taste, who is very nice, empathetic and always smiling. I hope to work with her again in the future, because there is nothing better than doing the job you love with as many people who do what they love too, in peace and why not the right amount of fun!"
Corinna Fridas Mestre
Floral designers in Venice
"Having Rita as a photographer was exceptional and unique. Her photos are beautiful, but we already knew this by looking at all of her works. What we did not know is that behind those photos there is the work of an incredible professional, who with patience, serenity, firmness and punctuality moves throughout the day with a unique passion motivating her. We have nicknamed her the "little elf of the woods" because she was never seen and never heard of, but she managed to capture all the most important, exciting and fun moments of our party. You knew she was there because every now and then the glare of the flash would immortalize the moment. It was like having a careful friend to make this day so special for us, indelible, without being intrusive especially because we do not like classic posed photos. Heartfelt thanks to you my dear, and who knows that we may not meet again in the future."
Pamela + Emiliano
"The first time I met Rita, it was about 6 months before our wedding. We were FaceTiming, since my husband and I live in Las Vegas and Rita lives in Europe. They say you meet certain people in your life that you will never forget. Rita is one of those people. She is both comforting and honest and truly cares about her clients vision. She is professional but also incredibly warm, which is important for anyone like my husband and I who tend to be camera shy. The day of wedding, I was so excited to finally meet Rita! We had spoken so much about the upcoming wedding, but I also just wanted to meet her because she had been such a positive part of making our dreams come true. When I look back at our pictures, I am in awe of how amazingly well Rita captured the biggest moments of our life thus far. Rita has such a beautiful presence and an amazing talent and we so thankful she shared that with us!"
"Rita😭 These pictures are absolutely incredible. I just don’t have words. I honestly can’t thank you enough! We love them so much, you captured us in such a beautiful way and they make us proud. I can’t wait to post more!! Seriously Rita, I am just so grateful we got to meet you and take photos with you. It’s going to be a memory I remember forever❤️"
couple session





"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Rita during an editorial and inspirational photo shoot in Venice, she was very professional and nice, the result of her work was excellent. I sincerely recommend reaching out to her and book her for your wedding 🙂 Thank you very much Rita, I hope to see you again soon 😘 "
Clizia "Burano Love"
bridal editorial
"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Rita during a photo shoot in Venice, she is truly very professional and nice, the result of her work is simply excellent. I sincerely recommend working with her 🙂 Thank you very much Rita, I hope to see you again soon 😘 "
Karolina Blicharz
Hair and Make Up Artist
"We are in love with these pictures and the quality of the post-production. You are a real professional! The way you are able to catch the emotions and our feelings, and them transfer onto the photographs shows how much you care and how amazing you are. Thank you very much! We highly recommended Rita to all our friends."
Alessandra + Raffaele
post-vows exchange
"Thank you for these amazing photos! I felt really comfortable shooting with Rita, we laughed a lot and it was a very relaxing experience. I am a model during my free time and this photoshoot was just incredible."
Angie + Laura
inspirational elopement
"We are a small company that knows the scent of craftsmanship and bespoke things. Our jewels are built on the needs and soul of those who choose us. We entered the world of weddings with small steps thanks to those who have trusted us and who help us build something unique and from here we left for our journey. Rita allowed us to leave a piece of us in her work and in her giving herself to people, spouses and life with these projects involving me and Daniela creating beautiful pictures that we will carry in our hearts and which I hope is only the first of many together. Thank you"
Giulia, Orfevre Jewels
hand made jewelry
Dear Rita you are so really special! You are so sweet, with a big heart and a thousand dreams in your deep blue eyes. You managed to make a wonderful day even more unique, to create unique love and came up with so many amazing ideas. You made us laugh, you allowed us to be ourselves, you captured us with so much professionalism and uniqueness. Thank you once again for everything you have done for us with so much commitment, dedication and above all, love. We will cherish everything with affection in our hearts. See you soon!"
Azzurra + Giorgio
styled elopement
"We had the immense pleasure of meeting Rita during a photoshoot in collaboration with The Wedding Issue. The thing that struck us most about her shots was the way in which through her "eye" she managed to convey all the love and emotions present in our gestures and in our looks, especially for us not being usually in front of a camera. Her professionalism and her great creativity convey so that her photographs are not simple shots but they remain indelible memories. "
Veronica + Diletta
styled vows exchange
"On our first anniversary, we fulfilled a long-lasting dream: we did an amazing photoshooting in Rome with the amazing Rita! We have always dreamt about getting our wedding pictures in our favourite city. She captured these precious moments perfectly for us! We simply love the photos! Rita created a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot so that we could be the way we really are. She also captured our laughs and kisses in the right moments, and I have to admit: I cried when I first saw the photos, I was so overwhelmed. We truly recommend Rita for any kind of photoshoot! We are so happy with the moments she captured for us!"





"Rita, what a special person she is! So nice, interested, sweet but also very professional. We came across her profile via instagram and immediately knew: we want Rita as a photographer at our wedding. And what a good choice we made in the end. We didn't know each other, but got to know each other very well in a short time. She is the best photographer we could wish for during our wedding weekend in Tuscany. During our weekend it felt like we had known each other for years and she captured all the wonderful moments. when you look back at the pictures now, you still can feel exactly how the weekend was, pure amore amore amore, she did this very well! Lots of love from Holland xx"
"We absolutely loved our shooting with you! Even though we're both used to be in front of the camera due to our instagram account, we felt extra comfortable during the shooting.. it felt like we'd know you for ages already! We were super impressed by how quick you got the shots! Sometimes we didn't even notice you were already doing your magic! Honestly, we are just very happy & thankful to have met you! We absolutely love the outcome of our shooting in Venice & truly think you're a real magician when it comes to photography! Thank you for everything! hope to see you soon! Lots of love, Simon and Pauli"
"When we organized this shooting, I took a look at Rita's portfolio, and already my expectations were very high. But when I saw the final photos, well, the result far exceeded my expectations! The context was magical, I felt like a real princess, and in none of these photos was I posing, I was just enjoying myself and feeling simply at ease. It was like a dream. Thanks to Rita and all of the team for the great work, for choosing me, and for letting me live this experience that I will always carry dearly in my heart! ❤"
Chiara, Winter Beach Enchantement
bridal editorial
"This photoshoot in Villa Borghese was the first project I participated in with Rita, it is actually where we first met after exchanging messages on Instagram. Everything was perfect and I am very happy to have enriched the already wonderful photoshoot with my jewelry. Thanks to the gorgeous model and the perfect dress, in addition to Rome that was perfect on that morning, the fresh air... time flew by so quickly! I hope to continue this collaboration with Rita and do other great projects together in the future!"
Aurora, Nageoire Jewelry
hand made jewelry
"Working with Rita was simply wonderful, she is the best photographer you can imagine to capture the most important moments of your life. She is kind, funny and puts you very much at ease, an element not to be underestimated, especially if you are a bit shy in front of a camera. She has obviously a lot of creativity and professionalism. If you are going to organize a surprise marriage proposal, an intimate wedding, with great style, you should absolutely trust her ❤"





"We traveled from Granada for our honeymoon to Rome and in an improvised way I kept our wedding attires in the suitcase with a clear idea: to find someone who could capture the magic that we were living in those days. And actually that's how it went. Rita captured our complicity, our love and she did it in the best possible way. To this day we are still in contact and we have a very special relationship. If what you are looking for someone friendly, familiar and with a natural photography style, you are in the right place with Rita."
Honeymoon couple photoshoot in Rome, Italy
"Shooting with Rita was wonderful. She pushes you gently to be as natural as possible and thanks to this ability of hers, she manages to capture and immortalize in her photos all the moments and little details that reflect aspects of our couple we did not even think we had! Her photos tell true emotions. She is also very sweet. Really really recommended" (JASSCEL)
"It was the first time for me in front of the camera. Thanks to Rita who made everything so easy and natural. Working with her was amazing and an incredible experience. No need to talk about her shots, you can see by yourself how great they are." (SIMONE)
"I am a wedding planner based in France organizing weddings and elopement in Sicily: honestly, I have recommended Rita to all my couples for their weddings. Rita is adorable, truly professional and creative. She is attentive and knows how to put couples at ease. Not to mention her photos are superb. Highly recommend working with her. Do not hesitate to call her for your photos!"
“Thank you Rita for this amazing moment spent with you in Roma🧚🏻‍♀️. We appreciated that you take time to know us, and customize the photo shoot itinerary accordingly. We did love the way you looked at us during the photo shoot and the pictures of our wedding are beyond our expectations: tenderness, happiness and love for sure ❤️!! You captured this moment of our life and we will keep that forever 🤩. Thank you again for that. From us with love, Astrid & Thomas 🥰”





"Rita is a truly talented photographer, she is extremely friendly and cheerful. It was an absolute pleasure to be led and directed by her. We spent, my husband and I, really beautiful moments in her company, not to say, the photos are superb! Many thanks again 🙏🏾 And the album she did later for us is just stunning!"
"Rita is the most incredible photographer I have ever worked with! She knows exactly what to capture behind the lens and all the best and hidden spots around Italy for the most magical backdrop.
She makes you so comfortable in front of the camera so it just feels natural, like you are hanging out with a friend! She truly captures the essence of my husband and I in her photos. In fact, her photos are what I get the most compliments on! I want to travel all the way back to Italy from the US just for her photos and great company!
She is an absolute must for any couple in Europe!"
"Our photoshoot with Rita was the loveliest experience. The very next day after our elopement in Tivoli, we met in Piazza del Popolo for the newlywed pictures - Rita had us all relaxed, chatting about casual things, at the same time giving us enough space to feel very intimate while staring into each other's eyes. It was a perfect calm morning, filled with kisses, hugs and dancing - things that we wish we had more time for during the busy day of the ceremony itself. Photos got delivered very quickly, and they are, as all the others on this website, superb. I am so anxious to share them with members of our families that didn't make it to Italy for our wedding! They are our pure love caught in picture. Thank you Rita for sharing your great talent to grasp those perfect moments!"
“We found ourselves in something completely different from our habits. We usually are completely clumsy in front of a camera lens and yet Rita was magnificent. She was able to put us at our ease making us forget the initial embarrassment and shyness in front of the cameras. She made us laugh and asked about us, our relationship. This is certainly the difference between a photographer and a professional photographer: she directed us but left us the freedom to move around; she clearly knows how to produce an excellent reportage of a couple that is not the so many times seen embarrassing and fake-posed photoshoot. It is a reportage of us as we are in reality. A true reportage. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!”
"Chandan & I are so in love with the photographs you took of us in Ravello. Not only are you exceptionally talented, you were so much fun to work with! We just wanted to say thank you for making our honeymoon so special. We’re very grateful to have these pictures to look back on 🙏🏻❤️"
gifted honeymoon session





"thank you for the beautiful photos you had taken of my brother and sister in law. I recently saw the photos and they are breathtaking! Thanks for capturing such a variety of photos! I would definitely recommend you to others looking for photographers in Italy!"
Chandni, Chandan's sister
the lovely gift-giver
"I honestly got to say that we absolutely loved working with Rita, she's so lovely and kind! Me and my boyfriend met her in Florence while on vacation in Italy, and we both have such lovely memories of the afternoon we spend with her shooting. She was full of ideas and helped us a lot to feel confortable! The pictures are amazing at the end <3 Love it so much!"
couple session
"One of the best experiences in my whole life, Rita, you're one of the sweetest friends I've ever made. Also and incredible photographer and funny person, thanks for everything, you'll be always in our memories!"
"Thank you so much Rita for the lovely time together in Trastevere! It was so much fun. Both me and Danielle felt so comfortable with you and so at ease! The pictures are amazing and we are going for sure to print them out!!! I am also sure we will meet again for pizza and drinks!! ciao Bella!"
"We were happy to have Rita as our photographer in Budapest. I always thought that we were nothing special, not models, but she could find with her professional eye something special in us. She picked the best photos, where we are good looking, from the right angle. I know it's a big deal, since I am also a photographer. Finally the result exceeded expectations and we were amazed with these shots! 
Also she was very friendly during the shooting, holding our attention, so we were always in a positive mood. I sent the photos to all of my closest people and what if not that shows how much I liked them) My mom said she'll print it! Thank you so much for your soulful touchy work!"
couple session
"We decided to get some pictures taken to commemorate our holiday stop in ROme, and so went to do a little search for a photographer. We came across RIta's page--and couldn't be happier we did! Rita was great to work with; we started our morning with some pastries and coffee near our first shoot location, and RIta then took us around different parts of beautiful Rome. I remember us all having conversations around travel and dogs as we walked and she shot. When we got our pictures, we were just blown away! Rita's got a great eye and had such ability to capture emotion. We can't help but smile every time we see her shots of us. Thanks, Rita, for the lovely visual reminders of our Rome holiday!"

"Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without.
If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with?
Fall head over heels."

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The aim of my photography is to represent this feeling in its purest form, unposed, unstaticly. I want movement, slow carresses and faster spints, to show your bond.
There is a generic lack of kindness and gentleness in this world, but on the other side there are millions of amazing and wonderful people who through their love make this modern and constantly rushing world a better place.
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