Celebrating the First Year of AmorVincitOmnia

October 5, 2020

Happy First Birthday to AmorVincitOmnia!

One year ago, I had to start all over again and therefore start from scratch my new wedding photography project. It was kind of a shock, a truly disappointing thing, but I was a firm believer already at the time, that it was for the best and that it just meant a wonderful new opportunity for me. And it absolutely did.

Rita Foldi, AmorVincitOmnia wedding photographer in Italy
Photographying the lovely wedding of Marlot+Guus in Tuscany, September 2020.

From that October 4, 2019, I had met amazing people, made new friendships and created projects I just dreamt of. I am incredibly happy, thankful to all of you who trusted me with your couple/honeymoon/family photos, trusted me with capturing your wedding (already or upcoming) and became my friends. The list is so long, but you know who you are. The teams and amazing creatives that collaborated with me in so many projects, editorial photoshoots, or asked me to photograph their products too, – I could not be happier and feel more blessed.

I am also thankful to all those 1200+ people who follow me on Instagram, show their support and love on my photos. I am incredibly honored to have reached so many people in a year: my original goal was to arrive to a thousand, but going beyond that number is amazing. It is clearly a hard work, at times I need to unplug for my mental health and to just enjoy things, but I love sharing my thoughts, photos and ultimately my days with you all so I will happily continue doing so. Do not hesitate to share and repost if you like my work, invite people to follow along and share the love.

I look forward to the end of 2020 and especially to 2021, it will be so amazing!


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