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rome ☾ Italy

rome ☾ Italy

“tre de tutto, garbatella” ☾ rome, Italy

campo de la maddalena ☾ venice, Italy

vecchio retrobottega ☾ milan, Italy

campidoglio ☾ rome, Italy

villa borghese ☾ rome, Italy

villa borghese ☾ rome, Italy

trastevere ☾ rome, Italy

rome beach ☾ Italy

campocatino ☾ Italy


tenuta sant’ilario ☾ tuscany, Italy

santa maria della pietà ☾ rome, italy


sunset on the beach ☾ sabaudia, Italy

casali santa brigida ☾ rome, Italy

belvaros, budapest ☾ hungary


fori imperali, colosseum ☾ rome, Italy

sabaudia beach ☾ italy

trastevere, rome ☾ italy

monti ☾ rome, italy

ara pacis ☾ rome, italy

trastevere ☾ rome, italy

colosseum ☾ rome, italy

campidoglio ☾ rome, italy

colosseum ☾ rome, italy

ostiense ☾ rome, italy

berlin ☾ germany

tenuta sant’ilario ☾ tuscany, Italy

campidoglio, monti ☾ rome, Italy

piazza navona ☾ rome, Italy

beach of capocotta ☾ rome, Italy

burano island ☾ venice, Italy

trastevere ☾ rome, Italy

piazza navona ☾ rome, Italy

villa borghese ☾ rome, Italy

Eur ☾ rome, Italy

lago di albano ☾ castel gandolfo, Italy


villa borghese ☾ rome, Italy


tenuta sant’ilario ☾ tuscany, Italy

poppy field ☾ Sermoneta, Italy

gasometro, ostiense – rome ☾ italy

rome ☾ italy

beach ☾ sabaudia, italy

campo san pantalon ☾ venice, italy

campidoglio ☾ rome, italy

san marco ☾ venice, italy

fondo brugarolo ☾ milan, italy

volterra ☾ tuscany, italy

Villa teloni ☾ san severino marche, italy

studio 21, rome ☾ italy

trastevere ☾ rome, italy

snowy mountains, rieti ☾ italy

studio Lost&Found, rome ☾ italy

conventino ☾ rome, italy

ghetto, rome ☾ italy

capitoline hill, rome ☾ italy

Marco and Simone, facetime session during COVID19 quarantine

FaceTime session ☾ accross Italy

piazza del popolo, rome ☾ italy

colosseum, rome italy

piazza navona + vatican, rome ☾ italy

melfi ☾ basilicata, Italy

villa torlonia ☾ rome, Italy

villa torlonia ☾ rome, Italy

campidoglio, forum romanum ☾ rome, Italy

villa borghese ☾ rome, Italy

tivoli ☾ lazio, Italy

trastevere ☾ rome, Italy

piazza navona ☾ rome, Italy

campidoglio ☾ rome, Italy

Ca’nigra ☾ venice, Italy

venice ☾ Italy

rome ☾ Italy

venice ☾ Italy

ammodonostro ☾ rome, Italy

vineyard ☾ cori, Italy

Romantic pic nic ☾ Sermoneta, Italy

beach of latina ☾ italy

ammodonostro, rome ☾ italy

FaceTime session ☾ worldwide

monticchio ☾ italy


all are welcome

Destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Rome, Italy – traveling everywhere in Italy and abroad.

🌈 Inclusive of all colors and body sizes, LGBTQ+ Friendly and BIPOC inclusive photography

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