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about your story
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authentic, delicate &
romantic way

This is about your connection, your love story, your wedding to capture for a lifetime.
Because you are pouring all your heart and soul in this relationship, you want this day to be memorable and stay with you forever. Whether it’s a big or small event, in Rome or elsewhere (in Italy or abroad), I’ll help planning and I’ll be there to frame that moment in time, allowing you live that experience in a meaningful and un-evascencent way. You’ll get to be present during your wedding, in an authentic and real way.
I will not pose you. I will guide you, be there during the whole process from start to finish in a “fairytale elf” way, you won’t notice me but I’ll be there, not missing any important moment and tearing up getting emotional on your special day.

I am based in Rome, Italy but I will travel everywhere.

AmorVincitOmnia is inclusive of all colors and body sizes, LGBTQ+ Friendly and BIPOC inclusive, of course.

your love

your Legacy.
your Memories.

AmorVincitOmnia is the belief that Love conquers all, that love shines above anything, in any circumstance. Photography is that light-shaping magic, that superpower that allows me to capture you, to freeze your lovestory in time through memories to cherish forever.
I want you to relive the exact same feelings and have those butterflies in your stomach that you had on the day when you exchanged vows even years later when you will be rewatching and showing the photos to your kids, grankids. I want you to feel that your photographs hug you in a warm embrace.

I am passionate about storytelling, about gifting you tangible memories to show and hold on to for the years to come. 

let's get to know each other

hi, i'm rita

I am a wedding and elopements photographer based near Rome, Italy.
For years I took travel photographs with no human interaction on it, then I realized something was missing. People. Love. Relationships. Something special that could make those images really come to life. From that day on, I have always been passionate about telling stories and peoples’ relationships. This is why I am excited to be telling YOUR story, too!

I love capturing emotions, whether those are crazy laughs or happy tears of surprise. I know I will get emotional with you while you’ll be saying your vows, I will smile during your first kiss as a married couple and will surely weep too, when you’ll tear up.

Let’s create something memorable together. If you are an adventurous, a bit crazy but especially insanely in love couple who loves to discover places, cultures and have fun, we are a match! Click below to know more about me 🙂


So many amazing couples shared their wedding day with me, took me along with them on their honeymoon for a photoshoot or even on a couple’s session to remember a vacation.
Lovely memories for them, and believe me, for me too! If you are a romantic adventurous couple at heart, take a look below and let’s plan your experience!

"What can we possibly say that will do justice for the incredible work of Rita? The final product of her work is quite simply stunning! Rita has an incredible eye for detail and was a dream to work with. We were immediately super comfortable around Rita and her team. Not being models or professionals ourselves, it was so nice to have someone of Rita's professionalism to direct and advise us as we went through the shoot. Throughout the process, Rita guided (without instructing) us on what we might like to try and experiment with. For someone we had just met, it felt like we were just spending a lovely afternoon with an old friend. We laughed and chatted and generally had a really great time. This comfort that Rita is able to instill is truly demonstrated in her work. There was not one photo that felt over-processed or forced. Every shot was steeped in romance and gentle care, which comes through in all of her work, and is why we were so excited to work with her. We simply cannot recommend Rita highly enough. We are not from Rome natively ourselves, but anytime we have an event that requires photography, Rita will be the first person we call and hope to invite her to wherever we are in the world. Thanks RIta for a truly wonderful shoot and can't wait to work with you again."
"Rita, what a special person she is! So nice, interested, sweet but also very professional. We came across her profile via instagram and immediately knew: we want Rita as a photographer at our wedding. And what a good choice we made in the end. We didn't know each other, but got to know each other very well in a short time. She is the best photographer we could wish for during our wedding weekend in Tuscany. during our weekend it felt like we had known each other for years and she captured all the wonderful moments. when you look back at the pictures now, you still can feel exactly how the weekend was, pure amore amore amore, she did this very well! Lots of love from Holland xx"
"Rita was amazing to work with. Karla is very particular about her photographers and she feel in love with Rita’s style via her Instagram. Once Karla picked out the photographer I worked with Rita behind the scenes to bring a magical proposal to life. Rita was extremely helpful with bringing ideas, being very very responsive, and so supportive during the process. We even had to reschedule due to both Karla and I testing positive for COVID. Rita worked with us to reschedule and made what could have been a nightmare turn out to be a dream. I cannot recommend Rita enough for both an amazing photo shoot and if you are looking for help to pull off a once in a lifetime proposal experience. Thank you Rita!"
"On our first anniversary, we fulfilled a long-lasting dream: we did an amazing photoshooting in Rome with the amazing Rita! We have always dreamt about getting our wedding pictures in our favourite city. She captured these precious moments perfectly for us! We simply love the photos! Rita created a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot so that we could be the way we really are. She also captured our laughs and kisses in the right moments, and I have to admit: I cried when I first saw the photos, I was so overwhelmed. We truly recommend Rita for any kind of photoshoot! We are so happy with the moments she captured for us!"
"Rita is from another dimension, she reads your soul and messes it up. In a good way. Her photos are intense portraits of stolen shots and moments, capable of showing you sides of yourself, which you did not know before, but which you will love madly. There is no construction, just so much wonderful truth. Thanks for making us feel like being at home and never making us uncomfortable, shooting with you was a wonderful experience. We can't wait to throw ourselves into another great project! With love, Maria and Lorenzo."
"We have watched and watched again the photos in these two days we received them and we just can't stop 😂 Every time we look at them we are ecstatic and in love with all the magic and professionalism you put into capturing all the most significant moments of our day. In the photos there is really everything: our home, our friends, our smiles, our personalities, the emotions of that day but also somthing of a somewhat difficult year and the gratitude we feel of having been able to have the party despite everything. There is seriousness and laughter, intimacy and worldliness. When we look at them, we relive everything about that day and this was just what we were looking for: a photographer who would help us having a beautiful, indelible and real memory of what we lived, to be able to keep it forever. "Thank you" is too little to express the gratitude and beauty we feel. We couldn't have asked for better. Thank you from deep within our hearts!"
"Having Rita as a photographer was exceptional and unique. Her photos are beautiful, but we already knew this by looking at all of her works. What we did not know is that behind those photos there is the work of an incredible professional, who with patience, serenity, firmness and punctuality moves throughout the day with a unique passion motivating her. We have nicknamed her the "little elf of the woods" because she was never seen and never heard of, but she managed to capture all the most important, exciting and fun moments of our party. You knew she was there because every now and then the glare of the flash would immortalize the moment. It was like having a careful friend to make this day so special for us, indelible, without being intrusive especially because we do not like classic posed photos. Heartfelt thanks to you my dear, and who knows that we may not meet again in the future."
"Nate and I got to look at the pictures together last night and omg there are not enough words to describe how beautiful they are!! We are OBSESSED! They capture Nate and I so perfectly, I don’t think I’ve ever loved any other pictures of us more!! I don’t know how we will ever pick our favorites because every single one is😂 We will cherish these pictures forever as they are such a special memory for us and we are so so thankful we chose you to capture them ❤️❤️"

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Destination wedding and elopement photographer based in Rome, Italy – traveling everywhere in Italy and abroad.

🌈 Inclusive of all colors and body sizes, LGBTQ+ Friendly and BIPOC inclusive photography

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