“One to One Gratitude sessions”, a way to say Thank you

13 April 2020

Inspired by Anastasia Chomlack I am honored to announce that I am offering “One to One Gratitude sessions” for Essential workers.

I am so thrilled to have joined a global initiative to gift a photo session to an essential worker every time someone purchases a gift certificate for themselves through to May 15. Anastasia Chomlack is the photographer that launched the initiative called “ONE For ONE Gratitude Sessions” and her initial goal was to gift ten sessions to essentials workers in her community. Since launching on April 1 over 300 photographers have shown interest and sought more information, isn’t this amazing?!

gratitude session for every booked photoshootItaly has been on a lockdown for more than a month now, and seeing just how this virus spread all around the world made me so incredibly sad, there were days at the beginning when I felt overwhelmed watching the news, sitting on the couch I just felt anxiety growing more and more while listening to the numbers of people who were sick and to the painfully high number of people who have died. Like it was not enough, a lot of doctors and nurses, people working on the field have died too. People who put their lives on the frontline, allowing us to have the privilege to stay home and stay safe. These are the people we shall say “thank you” to. Nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, police, first responders, emergency childcare providers, pharmacists, and probably many more. In this spirit I’m offering one-for-one sessions: for every photoshoot you wll be booking, between now and the 15th of May will purchase an additional photo session for an essential front line worker of your choice and their family.

The benefits of this initiative are two-fold. A way for photographers to give back to those essential front-line workers to show gratitude since their work has been deemed non-essential. And, to create some cash flow for photographers as they lose much of their planned business over the upcoming wedding and lifestyle shoot season. It will be a difficult season for me too, but I am hopeful it will get better and not all year will be lost. For I am based near Rome, Italy – I would be honored and so incredibly happy to meet you here whenever possible.

And if you’re not in a position to invest at the moment, but would love to be a part of giving back, please send an email and nominate an essential worker that you’d like to see receive a complimentary couple/engagement/family photo session. I know….this will eventually pass and we will be gathered together again. Until then, in this time of grief and fear, please keep cheering each other on. Your love and resilience are powerful.

*All photo sessions to take place (of course!) when physical social distancing guidelines have been lifted.

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