Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a couple’s photoshoot

February 2, 2021

Let’s make it memorable and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a couple’s photoshoot together in Italy!

Valentine’s day is just behind the corner and although this year it will probably feel different from the past years’ Valentine’s days, it is still a lovely day to celebrate. Are you one of those couples who really is into celebrating February 14th , or do you prefer just being cute and lovey-dovey every and any day of the year?

Every day is always a perfect occasion to create memories and photos with your loved one.

It does not really matter if it is a special occasion or not, to be honest. There is always something beautiful to capture, some magical love story to tell. Even if you couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, this year it might be interesting to keep it in mind.

Couple photoshoot in Rome to celebrate Valentine's Day

In fact, I want to make it memorable and help you make it memorable too! Let’s make 2021 a better year than 2020 was (I know it’s not that hard).

So I am offering a special 15% discount on the couples’ sessions for every photoshoot booked within the month of February. You can also choose a mini session of 45 min with 30 fully edited photos delivered for only 180€!

Then you could have until August 30th to redeem the photoshoot/gift card! 

I would really love to give you the opportunity of creating photos together and tell your story as it is in this current moment. As you might know, I am based near Rome, but I would love to meet you in any other places too (yes, it is possible to travel for work). Check out all the couple photoshoots here! I look forward to meeting you and knowing YOUR story. Send me your request now 🙂

If you know someone who might love this offer, feel free to share! Or, if you want to gift it to someone, I’ll make sure to send over a gift certificate with your name on it!

In case of sessions outside of Rome and Latina area, the travel fee shall be added as an extra, keeping it as low as possible 😉 

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Hi, I am glad you scrolled through the gallery. are you getting married, planning to elope or just want to go on an awesome couple’s photoshoot? make sure to send me an email to book your date right now. I would love to add your date to my calendar. I am excited to be meeting you, in any part of the world.

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