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Short Biography


My name is Rita Foldi, I was born in Budapest, Hungary, in april 1983 to Marta and Janos Foldi as their first child, I am a street and travel photographer.

I grew up between my hometown and Paris, then in 1997 I moved to Rome because of my parents’ work. Once back to my beloved Budapest in 2007, I started studying photography “for real”. It has been my most pleasureful hobby and work ever since. I enjoy taking photos during my travels and in special occasions such as sport events and weddings.

Travels are an important part of my life, since I was so lucky to visit many countries ever since I was a child. My first trip was when I was 1 to Athens, but I do not remember it unfortunately. When I go and visit a new place, I like to bring home a lot of photographs that capture the essence of the country or city I visited, just as the people’s faces and expressions.

I currently live in Rome, Italy with my dogs and I am part of the Lovebirds Photo project. Contact me if you are celebrating something and want to keep those memories with great photographs.

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>> I also like to build personal websites based on WordPress, please check the Mammuth Hockey Roma inline hockey team’s official website, the Lepini Magazine website and the Lovebirds Photo website. If you need to build your own portfolio, do not hesitate to write me, I’d be glad to do it 🙂

References and publications

Here a list of the website where my works have been featured and published.

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