“As long as the Colossus stands, so shall Rome;
when the Colossus falls, Rome shall fall;
when Rome falls, so falls the world.”

The most famous monument of Rome, and probably of all Italy, is unmistakably the Colosseum: built by emperor Flavio (the real name of the “Colosseo” in fact is “Amphitheatrum Flavium” or Flavian Amphitheatre) was built between 70–80 AD in the heart of Rome and to this day is the biggest amphiteatre in the whole world.

The quote above is one of the most known quotes about the Coliseum: a famous epigram attributed to the Venerable Bede of the 8th century that celebrated the symbolic significance of the statue in a prophecy: in fact, at the time, the name Colosseum has long been believed to be derived from a colossal statue of Nero nearby and not the amphiteatre itself.

When coming to Rome, a trip to the Colosseum is a must, and if you have the time, take a walk inside, it is worth it to try and imagine how the gladiators fought the lions or other gladiators, under the roar of 60.000 people watching and the Emperor, deciding your faith…

Quote by Venerable Bede

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