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Hello and welcome to my blog !

My name is Rita Foldi and I am from Budapest, Hungary. I am a freelance photographer with a passion for travel photography and I got into wedding photography as well with Lovebirds Photo. Please take a minute to look at my portfolio where you will find other galleries of different trips I took around the world.

I currently live in Rome, Italy with my Jack Russell terrier, Jam. You will often find her name in my posts, she is quite an adventure-buddy! I really hope you will enjoy this blog, I aim is to post as regularly as possible photos with a short story, so come back often! Differently from my Portfolio, I want to share more and fresher content in this blog. Maybe even find old things re-edited, photos are sometimes like wine, they get better when you look back at them a few years later, don’t you think?

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At this time I am the official photographer of the inline hockey team of Rome called the Mammuth Roma and I am also their webmaster. I am working on several photo projects too which I hope to share soon.

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One of my passions is traveling :: from North to South, from East to West, I’ll go anywhere, ’cause there is something great to see everywhere.  My next trip will take me to South East Asia again, I can not wait!


I love animals and especially dogs and horses. They give  so much love and it is  amazing to take care of them, seeing them being born, grow and become amazing. I have 2 Jack russells, but only Jam lives with me


Sports are one another of my passions but since the beginning of 2018 I have started a new business with a friend: Lovebirds Photo. For amazing memories of your  wedding or engagement, we will travel everywhere. Check out Lovebirds Photo.