A day in the life :: The Hockey Dog

You all already know Jam by now. In 13 years we have been through so much and had great adventures together. She comes with me whenever she can, and I really try to bring her along everywhere without causing her stress, or trying to get the less stressful journeys possible.

When it comes down to hockey games, I try to leave her home or in the car (don’t worry, it’s only a couple hours and on top, she really loves to sleep in the car), because she gets overwhelmed and too excited by the game when she can really can see it. I kid you not, she follows the game and starts “crying” because she wants to jump in the rink and take the puck for herself! On the other hand, when the rink is like classic hockey rink, and she can’t see the players play, she usually falls asleep just like she did in Roccaraso at the Finals of the UISP. One day in the life, of a hockey dog. The best one.