Kincsem Park Galopp race back in time

Just a short story

My best friend from my childhood in Paris, Olivia, got me into horse riding. At the time we were riding ponies, we were small and it was just usual thing kids did in Paris. Among ballet for girls – which really was not my thing – and judo for little boys.

I started loving ponies and horses at the age of 7/8 and did not stop loving them ever since. My all time best friend, Cinzia, is a horse breader: we met back in 1997 in high school and obviously we connected because of horse back riding. Useless to say we still are best friends today, our friendship is 21 years old this year, sick, right? Although we were apart for a few years we never stopped caring for each other and every time I can, I go visit her and her beloved animals, and I got to say, these are some of the best time of my life.

In 2009, when I started photography school, I went to Kincsem Park, which is the main racetrack in Budapest to photograph some gallop races. I enjoyed the races but I much more prefer the backstages, just like during the Fashion show at the Hungarian Academy in Rome. I like to whitness what happens behind the scenes, how the horses and athletes get prepared and cool down after a race. Autumn was amazing and the trees were so colorful all around… Looking back to these photos almost 10 years later just bring back some happy memories.