Jam and Perec, the Second row dogs

In a previous post, I told you about Jam and Perec’s awesome summer back in 2014. During that same vacation, especially in Hungary, we often had to take the car to go visit friends and family we rarely see: luckily, both Perec and Jam really love traveling and something we have to admit is that they are two very lucky dogs. They saw more places than most of the people on earth, and I have to admit that at least Jam has always been a great traveler and company.

She loves to travel and to walk (and stop at every shop’s door like she had money to purchase something even a souvenir!) and during our road trips she has her spot on the back seat of the car. For that same reason, I just call them “Second Row Dogs’” because they (usually) travel on the back seat of the car 🙂 Truth be told, Perec has even a little bridge between the front and back seats so he can stand there – with great equilibrium and watch the road as the car goes!

Perec is the one in the photo above, Jam is the first to follow :