Legnaro, i’m seeing double

Just a short story

The Tournament of Legnaro is a nice international inline hockey tournament held every September in this little town near Padova called Legnaro, for the masters and veterans of inline hockey – to be understood: 38+ years old players. My boyfriend, who is the goalie of the Mammuth Roma inline hockey team during the normal season has been participating to the last 3 editions with the French team for a few original fortuitous reason (French had only 1 goalie who got a little bit injured so they needed a drop in that year. Ever since, we’ve been great friends of the SACOS team).
On one of these occasions, I brought my prism to take some different photos than the usual 100-times-seen photographs of standing goalies and people who show their back because the action is taking place exactly on the other side of the rink than where you are standing. So I had some fun during the All Stars game: I called these photographs “I see double” because of the effects the prism add to the original images. The best part, is that nothing there is post-worked, or added during editing: colors and lights are in camera, which means that this is how they have been taken. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.