Fishing Competition on an early Morning

Just a short story

When you live in the countryside you enjoy it differently than when you live in the city and go outdoors just on weekends for some fresh air. And you also tend to live nature in a different way. Like the day we took Jam and the other dogs to a great yet short adventure to the water near our home in Sermoneta. It was so much fun to enjoy the blue sky and the greenery all around; not to mention the natural source you could drink water from!

A few years ago me and my boyfriend participated in a fishing contest with his Dad at a sport-fishing lake where fish are bred on purpose. The first year, which is represented in these photos we were lucky, we fished a lot, arriving 3rd in the ranking, while the year after when a few changes have been made at the sport-lake, no one did really good; the fish were too few.

But to be honest, the great thing about this competition was not to arrive first or to fish out the most fish possible; but it is the time you spend outdoors with people you rarely hang out with: in fact it was a great father and son bonding time for my boyfriend and his dad, while I was just there to photograph and enjoy a really early wake up and a sandwich and Coke at 10 am! (lol)