Horse Race in amazing Snow

In 2010 I took the second photo class : it was all sports photography. I really like it a lot, the teachers were awesome and the others were pretty cool too.
After the end of the class we went sometimes shooting together, and on a sunday winter we went to Kincsem Park to see some horse races (Budapest).

Kincsem Park is a major horse racing venue in Budapest, Hungary. The 84-hectare park, named after the race horse Kincsem, can accommodate thoroughbred racing and harness racing, and it can also be configured as a concert venue. Although the track experienced a drop in attendance in recent years, it has enjoyed a new popularity among racing fans due to the success of Hungarian racehorse Overdose.

Kincsem (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈkintʃɛm]; Hungarian for “My Precious” or “My Treasure”; March 17, 1874– March 17, 1887) was the most successful Thoroughbred race horse ever, having won 55 races for 55 starts. Foaled in Kisbér, Hungary in 1874, she is a national icon, and is revered in other parts of the world, too. Over four seasons she won all her races against both female and male company at various race tracks across Europe, a record still unbeaten.

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